Welcome to my Blog! Thanks for stopping by!  As my name says, I am a Southern beach girl who loves to Bake, Craft and Cook.   I say things like ya’ll and bless her heart.  I am proud to call the beautiful south Georgia’s St. Simons Island home. I have 4 amazing children, 2 wonderful sons in law, 1 beautiful daughter in law and 1 precious new grandson. I am so blessed!  When my children were younger, I was the “Cupcake and Koolaid” Mom.  Sadly I had to buy my cupcakes from the local bakery because I could not even bake a boxed cake with canned icing.  In the past couple of years, curiosity got the best of me about the cupcake craze so I set out to master the art.  After much research and ALOT of trial and error, I have gotten pretty good at these little cake creations.  What sets my cupcakes apart from most is that I have not yet met a flavor I could not make.  I will share with you some of my secrets.  I have since learned Pound “cakery”.  Some recipes are from scratch and some, I must admit, do start with “the box” (I call these “fauxmade cakes 🙂  .  I appreciate feedback!  And……may you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes!!



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